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How much clip on hair extensions do I need?

A clip on set at Hair by Grace Store comes with hair extensions in different lengths: a 20 cm bridle with four clips, 2 pcs 15 cm bridle with 3 clips, 2 pcs 10 cm bridle with 2 clips and the shortest parts come 3 pcs in 4.5 cm with 1 clip each. A set weighs 100 grams.
You with thin hair, a set of clip on hair extensions will give you more volume and length if it is also desired. If you have thick hair, a deposit with one set will give you extra volume, but two sets will be needed for volume and longer hair.   

Deposit: how to do it step by step

  1. Make a horizontal bone from ear to ear using a pin comb. Pin the hair over the legs so it's out of the way.
  2. Tup the hair close to the scalp where the clips will sit, preferably with a tupping comb or a comb with close-fitting teeth.
  3. Attach the clips to the tufted leg and then work upwards until all parts of the clip on hair are in place. Remember that the longest part of the clip on set should sit where the head is widest and the smallest parts should be inserted on the sides.
  4. Style and enjoy your new look!

This is how you care for your clip on extensions

Keep in mind that the loose hair lacks the nutrition that your own hair has and therefore needs extra care, mostly in the autumn and winter seasons when the hair becomes naturally dry. Use extra moisturizing and nutritious hair care products for your extensions.
Never sleep with your clip on extensions to avoid tangling.
Brush your hair with a hairbrush and always from top to bottom. Always brush before wetting your hair to reduce hair breakage.
Avoid frequently washing your clip in hair extensions, for a long life. The loose hair can be used many times without needing to be washed. When washing, a leave-in conditioner is always preferred for extra nourishment.
After washing, allow the hair to self-dry in a well-ventilated room
Always use heat protection when styling with flat irons or curling irons for longer lasting hair.
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