Guides | Clip in ponytail

Our clip-in wrap-on ponytail comes with a velcro band that is used to attach the wig to your hair. It also has a loose hair strand for a discreet ponytail application. The clip in ponytail has become popular due to its flexibility and ease of installation and removal. Use a ponytail of human hair extensions to get a fuller ponytail. It can also be used to get the trendy longer ponytail.

Kvinna med en ponytail i mörkbrun färg.

How do I insert the clip in ponytail?

How to put in a ponytail step by step:

  • Start by putting your own hair up in a ponytail where you want the ponytail extensions to sit, using a hair tie. Here you can choose to put your hair up high on your head or to make a low pony.
  • Your ponytail comes with a hidden comb that you stick into the ponytail of your hair you just made.
  • Wrap and fasten the cardboard band around and continue wrapping the hair strand that follows until it is finished.
  • Finish by securing with a hair pin to keep the hair in place.
  • Can I style and color clip in ponytail?

    You can bleach and color your hair extensions. If you are going to heat style, use heat protection to avoid the hair extensions from tearing. It is fine to wash the loose hair if necessary.

  • Which ponytail extensions do you offer?

    Right now we have ponytail extensions in 60 cm, 40 and 50 cm.

    Synthetic ponytail hair extensions are also available to order.

  • Can you use a ponytail in short hair?

    You can use ponytail extensions in short hair. Make a knot with your hair, use hair wax for a finer result. Then attach clip in ponytail according to instructions. It's done!

Get a natural and fabulous look in an instant with our clip in ponytail in 100% human hair extensions. We deliver all orders fast and free of charge to all of Europe.