Guides | Clip on hair extensions

A clip on set at Hair by Grace Store comes with human hair extensions in different lengths: a 20 cm hair weft with four clips, 2 pcs 15 cm weft with 3 clips, 2 pcs 10 cm weft with 2 clips and the shortest parts come in 3 pcs of 4.5 cm with 1 clip each. A set weighs 100 grams and comes with a total of 17 clips.

Clip on hair extensions at Hair by Grace Store are double drawn, which means that all hairs in a set are the same length. This results in a full clip on set for a perfect wear of the hair extension.

    Kvinna sätter i clip on löshår

    How do I install clip on hair extensions?

    Here's how to install clip on hair extensions step by step.

    • Make a horizontal line from ear to ear using a pin comb. Pin the hair over the line so it's out of the way.
    • Tup the hair close to the scalp where the clips will sit, preferably with a tupping comb or a comb with close-fitting teeth.
    • Attach the clips to the tufted hair and then work upwards until all parts of the clip on hair are in place. Remember that the longest part of the clip on set should sit where the head is widest and the smallest parts should be inserted on the sides of the head.
    • Style and enjoy your new look!
    • How much clip on hair extensions do I need?

      If you have thin hair, a set of clip on hair extensions will give you more volume and length if desired. If you have thick hair, one set will give you extra volume, but two sets will be needed to get more volume and longer hair.

    • How long do clip on hair extensions last?

      How long clip on hair extensions last depends on how much you use them. If you install often, clip on hair extensions will wear more and need more care. With good care, clip on hair extensions can last up to a year. Follow our care advice for clip on human hair extensions so that they last a long time.

    • Can you sleep with clip on hair extensions?

      We advise against sleeping with clip ons. Sleeping with clip on hair extensions can damage your own hair. It can cause hair loss or bald spots. Clip on extensions also get tangled and wear quickly if you sleep with them on your head.