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Hair wefts at Hair by Grace Store come in a weft that is between 180 and 220 cm wide. A set weighs 100 grams. Hair weft is a relatively cheap hair extension with many attachment options and therefore very popular hair extension method. With hair wefts, you can choose installation by sewing the hair weft into braids of your own hair, using micro rings or installation with a glue intended for hair wefts human hair extensions .

Hair wefts installation with sew-in method

Sew in extensions: how to do it step by step


  • Make a horizontal line using a pin comb. Pin the hair over the line so it's out of the way.
  • Make a braid along the line you just opened.
  • Measure the length of the line and cut the hair weft so that it fits the length of the line. Here you can use single or double wefts depending on the hair volume you want to achieve.
  • Then, using a curved needle with thread, carefully sew the hair weft on top of the entire braid. The ends must be firmly attached to prevent the weft from slipping out of the hair.
  • For a substantial hair thickening , sew in the  hair on a couple of parallel braids, working upwards on the head. The most common is to sew in the hair in 3 to 6 rows of braids.

Other insertion methods for hair weft extensions

  • Hair weft insertion with micro rings

    Micro rings can be used to put in a hair weft. This is done by attaching a micro ring, using pliers, to a loop of hair weft and your own hair.

    Make a horizontal line and measure and cut a hair weft that fits the entire leg. Then attach micro rings in loops made as a mixture of your hair and the hair from the weft. This is done along the entire line. Then continue upwards with another parallel section of hair.

    Use micro rings with a color that matches your hair for a discreet result.

  • Hair weft installation with glue

    To install the hair weft with glue you will need a wig net and hair glue.

    Start by putting your hair in a knot at the back of your head. It also works well with making baked braids all over the head.

  • How long do hair extensions with the sew-in method last?

    Sewing in the loose hair is a gentle hair thickening and or hair extension method. It is also durable and lasts up to 3 months. The hair weft can also be reused.

  • What do I need to sew in the hair band?

    You need a curved needle and thread of the same color as your own hair to sew the hair weft into your own hair. Hair extensions with the sew-in method are also called weaving .

  • Is it damaging to my hair to sew in hair extensions

    Sewing in a hair weft is a neat method of hair extension. Sew in hair weft does not wear on your own hair. It is important to remove or renew the hair extension after about 2-3 months.

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