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Nail hair extensions at Hair by Grace Store come in a set of 50 grams containing 50 hair strands. Our nail hair is made of double drawn human hair and is also as thick at the bottom as at the top. For the application of nail hair extensions, a heat tong is used that melts the keratin wax in the hair extension  strand, which is then tied into a hair strand of your own hair. For the application, you will also need a plastic protector that is placed near the scalp, a pin comb and clips of various sizes.

nail hair insättning med värmetång

Application of nail hair

How to apply nail hair step by step.

  • Start by making a horizontal line using a pin comb. Secure the hair over the line with a clip so that it is not in the way.
  • Start the installation at about 3 cm from the hairline at the back of your head and work upwards and to the sides. Keep track of the amount of hair strands that are present and distribute them so that the end result is a naturally evenly distributed hair.
  • Next, take a strand of your own hair and place the plastic cover to protect the skin of the scalp from the heat tongs.
  • Then apply a nail hair strand by layering it together with the distributed strand of your hair.
  • Use heat tongs to melt all the keratin wax in the hair extension. It is important not to apply a centimeter from the scalp so that the hair is not too tight.
  • Finish by rolling the wax into your hair with your fingers.
  • Repeat the procedure with the rest of the hair row by row upwards.
  • What should I think about before applying nail hair?

    Before applying nail hair extensions, it is important that your hair is washed. Do not use conditioner or hair oils, otherwise it will be difficult to attach the keratin wax to your hair.

  • How long does nail hair last?

    Nail hair is a permanent hair extension which means that the hair extensions stays in for the entire time after the installation. You can wash your hair, exercise and sleep with your hair. Nail hair lasts about 3 months depending mostly on how fast your own hair grows.

  • How do I remove nail hair extensions?

    Nail hair removal is done by applying a keratin remover to the attachment with the keratin wax which is then broken apart using pliers. This is done starnd by starnd until all extensions strands are removed.

Nail hair provides a more permanent insertion and is suitable for those who want a hair extension or hair thickening where the hair extensions stays for a long time. Order your nail hair extensions today, we offer fast deliveries and free shipping throughout Europe!